We have collected some of the best practices for you to report sexual harassment. Harassment or sexual harassment is a serious matter. Sexual harassment may result in criminal sanctions following a change in Finnish law in 2014. You or your organisation can decide what course of action to take.


approach your Harasser

Try and tell your harasser that their behaviour is disturbing you. Describe to them as well as possible what and why, and ask them to stop and change their behaviour.

Talk about it privately


Talk to your supervisor or the responsible person in your organisation. They can approach the harasser with you or discuss a complaint with the harasser anonymously.

seek external support

Your occupational health and safety representative or your occupational health care representative can help you with this. There are anonymous hotlines that you can call to get advice. Find out more from the Ombudsman for Equality.

Make a declaration to the police

Report the incident to the police.


If you know that someone representing an organisation registered on our page has violated this code, you can send us a message and we will let the organisation know about this so that they can act on it or they will be removed from the list. It is each employer’s responsibility to offer a harassment-free environment for all. Let's hope this button never has to be used!